Rethink Content Management: Are you Omni-Channel Ready?

Kristen Deyo
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In a recent report, independent technology and market research powerhouse Forrester suggested that content is “the soul of digital experiences”. And with all roads leading to the website, it can be said that content management is the physiological bedrock that makes winning, relevant digital experiences possible.

As new digital channels emerge to meet the needs of the customer, content management plays a vital role in helping businesses meet their organizational goals -- creating an exceptional customer experience and driving revenue across every digital channel -- but is your business ready?

Multi-channel Misalignment
Multi-channel traditionally works with the assumption that customers are choosing how they interacted with a company based on a particular or multiple channels. These channels can include: a physical store location, web, mobile, social, etc.

The important distinction here is that these channels, while all available to the customer, are not integrated with one another. Instead, these channels are often managed in distinct silos, each with its own teams, budgets, processes, etc.

Creating an Omni-Channel Experience
Omni-channel, however, understands that customers are empowered to dictate their own personalized experience and navigate between multiple digital touchpoints for a single purchase. Here, customers are placed in the center of a strategy where channels are interconnected and focussed. Organizations create a dynamic, personalized and seamless experience for their customers.

Think Content First
With the advent of the Web 3.0 digital revolution, the very meaning and value of content has dramatically changed. Content tied to individual static web pages and then multiplied to serve each required format is cumbersome and inefficient and it’s not practical or scalable.

Instead, Content needs to be viewed as an independent asset that can be dynamically delivered and live in multiple places in real-time: from web pages, social networks, across any network or device. Content needs to easily flow and be served up across all locations and channels, in multiple formats and languages.

Make it Personal
Dynamic content delivery provides personalization, giving customers the right content, at the right time and on the right device. Each time the content is delivered, it changes to suit the context: the device or platform, the location, the profile of the user and countless other variables.

A robust content management system will use your powerful business data to target and personalize the content in real-time.

Omni-channel “blends the physical and digital customer experience, allowing the two to mutually reinforce one another.” The business landscape is dramatically changing, blurring the lines between the physical and the digital whereby customers flow between multiple touch points. Organizations that embrace an omni-channel strategy recognize that their customers’ digital experiences should be dynamic, personalized, relevant and seamless.

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