OrchestraCMS 301 - Development Concepts

This course is intended for customer resources, that are responsible for the planning and development of OrchestraCMS powered websites, intranets and/or community sites. This course covers the components required to create custom page and content templates for use with OrchestraCMS.

Who in your organization should attend this course?

  • Web Developers
  • Site Designers
  • Users responsible for structure of pages, styling and scripting.

Delivery Modes Available

  • Workbook for self directed training:
    • One hour overview online with Stantive's instructor,
    • Complete the workbook at your own pace, within 30 days,
    • Email access to Stantive's instructor during the 30 days for questions,
    • One hour Q&A session review post workbook.
  • Online with remote meeting software with Stantive instructor:
    • Sixteen hours delivered as a presentation,
    • May be broken into smaller sessions,
    • Session can be recorded and made available post training.
  • Onsite delivery of the course by a Stantive instructor.
    • Two days, onsite instructor guided completion of the workbook provided.

Each delivery mode includes access to a thirty day trial Salesforce Organization preconfigured for use with the exercise workbooks for each attendee. Course workbooks are provided as PDFs, in English only.


  • Experience with website development (CSS, Javascript...)
  • Salesforce administration experience.
  • Completion of OrchestraCMS 101 - User Fundamentals course
  • Salesforce development experience (Visualforce, Apex...)


Course Overview

Topics Covered What you will learn
OrchestraCMS overview

How OrchestraCMS manages content, pages, media and sites.

Salesforce Static Resources

Use CSS and javascript files from Salesforce static resources or via a content delivery network.

Creating Page Templates

Creating a visualforce page for use as a page template within OrchestraCMS. Configuration options and considerations for implementing page templates.

Creating Custom Content Templates

Creating custom content templates with Apex classes and visualforce pages.

Enabling custom content in OrchestraCMS.

Using the Content Template Creator utility.

Using Force.com IDE and Development Tools

Demonstration of tools that can be used to manage your code outside of OrchestraCMS and Salesforce.

OrchestraCMS Caching

How OrchestraCMS implements caching.

Development considerations impacted by OrchestraCMS caching.

Development Best Practices

Considerations to accommodate for when developing for OrchestraCMS.

Performance Best Practices

Considerations for optimizing your code for use with OrchestraCMS.

Dynamic Content

Implementing OrchestraCMS rest proxy for dynamic content.

Development Process Deploying projects from one environment to another.