OrchestraCMS 201 - Installation, Configuration and Administration

This course is intended for customer resources that are responsible for the management of Salesforce and the OrchestraCMS. This course includes Salesforce administration tasks to be completed for OrchestraCMS.

Who in your organization should attend this course?

  • Salesforce and OrchestraCMS administrators.
  • Users responsible for provisioning resources in Salesforce.
  • Users who manage access to OrchestraCMS and handle internal support for the web solution.

Delivery Modes Available

  • Workbook for self directed training:
    • One hour overview online with Stantive's instructor,
    • Complete the workbook at your own pace within 30 days,
    • Email access to Stantive's instructor during the 30 days for questions,
    • One hour Q&A session review post workbook.
  • Online with remote meeting software with Stantive's instructor:
    • Eight hours delivered as a presentation,
    • May be broken into smaller sessions,
    • Session can be recorded and made available post training.
  • Onsite delivery of the course by a Stantive instructor.
    • One day, onsite instructor guided completion of the workbook provided.

Each delivery mode includes access to a thirty day trial Salesforce Organization preconfigured for use with the exercise workbooks for each attendee. Course workbooks are PDFs, provided in English.


Course Overview

Topics Covered What you will learn

Installation and patch process for OrchestraCMS.

Installation of OrchestraCMS Extensions.

Site Creation and Configuration in Salesforce

Create and manage a site, community or intranet in Salesforce for use with OrchestraCMS.

Customize your error pages.

Provision User Access to Sites and the OrchestraCMS Application

Assign appropriate permissions to site visitors and OrchestraCMS users.

Introduction to the OrchestraCMS User Interface

Launch OrchestraCMS, introduction to Manage Pages, Manage Content, Manage Media Library.

Manage OrchestraCMS Licenses

Where to enter license information, synch licenses and view details of existing licenses.

Manage OrchestraCMS roles

Add or remove users.

Define OrchestraCMS roles.

Control page and content access within the application.

Manage Scheduler

Setup the scheduler and maintain caching.

Configure email schedules for newsletters.

Manage Targets

Configure targets for filtering content visibility based on user records in Salesforce.

Manage Page Layouts

Install and manage page layouts that will be used by content authors to create site pages.

Manage Content Types

Manage core and custom content types.

Create custom content types.

Manage Content Templates Manage custom content templates.
Manage Caching Troubleshoot and refresh OrchestraCMS caches.
Manage Error Pages Create and Manage custom error pages for your site.
Manage Libraries

Different types of media libraries and their properties.

Share libraries across sites.

Create new libraries.

Manage a Publishing Approval Process

Setup a publishing approval process.

Configure users to be subject to approvals.

Manage Multilingual Sites

Adding languages.

Defining users as translators.

Adding Chatter translations.

The language detection process.