OrchestraCMS 101 - User Fundamentals

This course addresses the basic features and functions of creating, managing and publishing content with OrchestraCMS. There are no prerequisites for this course but it is recommended that an OrchestraCMS overview demonstration has been viewed in advance of taking the course. We also strongly suggest that you have a good understanding of the Salesforce platform and terminology.

Who in your organization should attend this course?

  • Content Managers, Web masters and users in your organization who produce and publish content.
  • Users who will be administer or support OrchestraCMS sites and/or solutions.
  • Anyone who will be take the OrchestraCMS 301 - Development Concepts course.

Delivery Modes Available

  • Workbook for self directed training
    • One hour overview online with Stantive instructor.
    • Complete the workbook at your own pace within 30 days.
    • Email access to Stantive instructor during the 30 days for questions.
    • One hour Q&A session review post workbook.
  • Online with remote meeting software and Stantive instructor:
    • Eight hours delivered in a interactive presentation,
      • May be broken into smaller sessions,
    • Session can be recorded and made available post training.
  • Onsite delivery of OrchestraCMS 101 by a Stantive instructor:
    • One day, onsite instructor guided completion of the workbook provided.

Each delivery mode includes access to a thirty day trial Salesforce organization preconfigured to use with the exercise workbooks for each attendee. Course workbooks are PDFS provided in English only.

Course Overview

Topics Covered What you will learn Get familiar with OrchestraCMS terminologies and the user interface

How to launch OrchestraCMS from Salesforce.

Where to find pages and content.

Launching Full Preview, Time Travel and the Live Site.

Getting back to Salesforce.

Logging out.

Introduction to the Manage Pages tab

Getting around the Manage Pages tab.

Locating Pages.

Master Pages, Pages and Site Map

Understanding page templates.

Creating Master Pages.

Creating Pages.

Creating and using a Site Map effecitvely.

OrchestraCMS Media Library

Create Folders.

Rename files and folders.

Previewing uploaded media.

Different library types and features.

Static Elements

Learn how to create and manage:

Text and Media

Interactive Elements

Learn how to create and manage:



Search forms and results

Custom HTML


Dynamic Elements

Learn how to create and manage:

Dynamic and Fixed Lists



Security and Filtering

Applying permissions to pages and content for internal and external users.

How to submit an item for approval.

Applying filters for content visibility based on user criteria.

Translating Content and Pages

Translating page properties.

Translating content.

Language selectors and selection process.