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OrchestraCMS for Retail

Deliver a Connected Customer Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling smartphones or dental supplies, your customers want a personalized experience when they search, find, compare and purchase your products and services. They want to enagage on their terms and have direct access to your support and expertise.

With OrchestraCMS, you can easily engage your customers with personalized, meaningful interactions in real-time; uniquely combining content with customer data about preferences, buying history, important dates and more, so that you can create the one-to-one relationship that keeps customers loyal and compels them to recommend you.

Use Cases

With OrchestraCMS and Salesforce, leverage powerful business data to target and personalize the right content, to the right person, at the right time — on any channel or device.

Be Where Your Customers Are

As the lines between physical and digital blur, retailers who have a complete 360-degree view of shopper behavior across all devices and channels are better equipped to meet the kind of personalized service consumers have come to expect.

Engage your customers no matter where they are with content that is contextually relevant to their preferred products, services and interests in real time — across any channel or device.


Personalize the Experience

Consumers have the world at their fingertips — they are mobile, social, connected, and looking to engage on their own terms. It is more important than ever to deliver dynamic engagement that provides instant access to personalized information, products, and services.

Create relevant, 1:1 digital experiences and promote customer loyalty by easily pushing deals and incentives, make recommendations, or send greetings via e-mail, text or special content — all from a single, unified platform. 


Empower Your Employees to Do More

We are in the age of the consumer - a world where they dictacting more and more of the shopping experience. Retailers must enage with consumers of their own terms, remove barriers and provide a clear path to purchase if they hope to be successful in this competitive landscape.

Empower your associates with clienteling solutions so they can get smarter and more predictive with their shoppers. Accelerate productivity with real-time product and customer insights, task management, social collaboration, and training tools to cultivate retail talent and deliver the type of experience your shoppers expect.


"...to deliver on new omni-channel strategies and meet the expectations of today's customers, retailers have no choice but to work more effectively across functions and channels." - Bain & Company