OrchestraCMS for Government


Rethink Citizen Engagement and the Digital Experience

Currently, government agencies at every level are receiving mandates to go digital and innovate in order to better serve their citizens. Creating mobile apps and new websites isn’t enough. Government agencies need to leverage digital trends and platforms in order to provide deeper engagement, promote self-service and easy access to government services, as well as build trust with the people they serve.

Engage citizens and easily connect them to the services and communication most relevant to them — when and where they did it, across any channel or device.


Use Cases

With OrchestraCMS and Salesforce, leverage powerful business data to target and personalize the right content, to the right person, at the right time — on any channel or device.

Citizens are the new customer

Governments are most effective when they view their citizens as customers and deliver the targeted, personalized experience they have come to expect. Citizens want to be assured that departments and agencies are making insight-driven decisions with respect to policies, programs and services that affect everyone.

With OrchestraCMS, you can enhance citizen participation through greater engagement and collaboration with the public and stakeholders within and across government.


Create a single, unified experience to empower citizens

Citizens play a critical role in advocating and helping make public institutions more transparent, accountable and effective, and contributing to innovative solutions to complex challenges.

With OrchestraCMS, create deeper engagement with a robust platform that is efficient, flexible and offers higher levels of transparency and service to the people you serve.

“Citizen engagement is the meaningful involvement of individual citizens in policy or program development. To put it simply, citizens are "engaged" when they play an active role in defining issues, considering solutions, and identifying resources or priorities for action.” - Canadian Institutes of Health Research



Delivering Content in Context to Drive Business Results

Content is at the center of every organization's digital transformation. Driven by the expectations of customers, partners and employees, every experience must be seamless, personal and dynamic across every device.

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