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Intranets for the Digital Workplace

Rethink Employee Engagement, Collaboration and Productivity

Enterprises have higher aspirations for their next generation of intranets. They're no longer designed simply as internal-facing websites where employees learn of corporate news and access company policies and self-service applications for processes indirectly related to their work. The digital workplace requires a radical rethinking of the intranet's role, its governance and management, and its architecture.

Increase productivity and build a culture of engagement by connecting employees with the resources they need to get work done with OrchestraCMS - the only digital experience platform built 100% native on Salesforce.

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With OrchestraCMS and Salesforce, leverage powerful business data to target and personalize the right content, to the right person, at the right time — on any channel or device.

Social Collaboration Made Easy

Whether Facebook Workplace or any other third-party social tool, easily create a seamless omnichannel experience for employees by leveraging our robust APIs to bring your entire suite of social tools into one unified platform.

Improved Employee Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Help break down internal organizational silos and promotes cross-functional collaboration by ensuring a consistent experience across channels. Empower employees to find the content they need, when they need it to drive productivity and work from one unified, connected platform.

Robust Governance to Manage Scale Across the Enterprise

Leverage robust governance capabilities like publishing workflows and approvals to ensure that all content across your organization’s business units is relevant and compliant. Active governance delivers innovation and sustained success by building collaborative opportunities and ensures your team excels in its mission.

"71% of employees are not fully engaged, of which 26% are actively disengaged. Technologies associated with digital workplace initiatives can have a transformational impact on business activities and employee experience." - Gartner

What Makes our Platform Different?


Dynamic, Personalized Experiences

Intuitive personalization engine to deliver a single source of truth in communication - delivering the right information to the right people, at the right time — on any device or channel.


100% Native on Salesforce

Leverages Salesforce infrastructure, security model, data, apps, workflow and other processes with no incremental costs. Anything on the Salesforce platform is auto-discovered and available to be surfaced as content.


OrchestraCMS’ rich set of APIs enable development of custom solutions, third-party integrations and deliver digital transformation initiatives on the Salesforce platform.

Compliance & Governance

OrchestraCMS’ publishing workflows and approvals, versioning and governance capabilities ensure your content is compliant and meets global regulatory requirements.


Enterprise Class

OrchestraCMS creates a powerful end to end business platform that seamlessly integrates an omni-channel digital strategy with mission critical apps and data

Powered by Business Users

OrchestraCMS empowers business users to create, publish and manage dynamic content independent of IT with a content centric approach.


The 'Nucleus' of Digital Engagement

With OrchestraCMS, AstraZeneca is making global collaboration easy for its 65,000 employees across 30 countries; delivering personalized, multi-lingual content with an intuitive publishing model for its 275 content owners — independent of IT.

"Employee engagement is our number one priority and OrchestraCMS helps us achieve that. People really feel part of a global entity. It's made Salesforce come to life for us." - Philip Martucci, Global Intranet Project Lead

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The Role of the Intranet in the Digital Workplace
The Role of the Intranet in the Digital Workplace

Enterprises have higher aspirations for their next generation intranets. Learn how the intranets are becoming an essential anchor in the modern digital workplace.