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Governance and Compliance in the Digital Workplace

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Governance and the Digital Workplace

As businesses seek to become truly data-driven, realize the full value of their data and avoid costly missteps, governance becomes a critical success factor for enterprises. Active governance delivers innovation and sustained success by building collaborative opportunities and ensures your team excels in its mission.

With OrchestraCMS, you can leverage robust governance capabilities like publishing workflows and approvals to ensure that all content across your organization’s business units is relevant and compliant.

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With OrchestraCMS and Salesforce, leverage powerful business data to target and personalize the right content, to the right person, at the right time — on any channel or device.

Governance and Compliance

Authoring with Compliance in Mind

Today, everyone is a content author. This is counter to how most available content management systems (CMS)  were built. In the recent past, CMS applications were managed by centralized digital teams, consisting of web developers and CMS power users. Authors created their content in standard word processors such as Microsoft Word, and sent their content to the digital teams for approval. If required, those teams sent new content to legal and/or compliance departments for approval. 

Those traditional systems were not designed with enterprise class governance, auditability and security, to ensure that all content is vetted, approved and compliant with corporate and government regulation.

OrchestraCMS’ robust governance engine ensures compliance needs are met and the authoring experience is flexible, seamless and distributed across the organization and beyond as needed. Being native on Salesforce, means OrchestraCMS is secured on one of the world’s most powerful business platforms, with numerous security certifications.


Distributed, Flexible Authoring

As organizational silos are broken down and content is created, managed and distributed by more business units, governance becomes more critical. Proper governance not only ensures compliance needs are met, but provides a more streamlined, undisrupted experience for content authors. Our authoring engine enables:

  • The flexibility to author from the community itself with in-line editing for part-time authors or from within OrchestraCMS for regular content contributors.
  • Omnichannel ready content that can be personalized, contextualized and easily distributed across any device or channel.
  • Site administrators to focus on the user experience. 


Fresh, Relevant Content. Always

Stale, out-of-date content does not engage employees or help them do their job effectively — quite the opposite.  Having the appropriate technology in place to execute your governance strategy and ensure content timely, relevant and iterative. It is this consistent approach and commitment to relevant content that keeps employees engaged and informed. Our governance engine helps:

  • Content authors prioritize content, create standards and develop accountability across the organization.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of managing high volumes of content by setting up the appropriate content flags or reminders to review content as needed (monthly, quarterly, annually).
  • Eliminate legacy or stale content that may go unnoticed, ensuring employees have access to relevant, timely content. 


Streamlined Onboarding Process

Onboarding employees at the enterprise level should not be tribal knowledge. Proper governance ensures new employees receive the information most relevant to them to ensure they are properly onboarded with the content they need to perform their job most effectively. Our governance engine can help:

  • Streamline the onboarding process by ensuring new employees are receiving the content and training most relevant to them based on role, department, location or any other factors relevant to your organization.
  • Maintain brand continuity ensuring employees receive a consistent, personalized onboarding experience based on their role and/or department.
  • Reduce the administrative burden by automating and targeting onboarding programs with triggered workflows and approvals.



The 'Nucleus' of Digital Engagement

With OrchestraCMS, AstraZeneca is making global collaboration easy for its 65,000 employees across 30 countries; delivering personalized, multi-lingual content with an intuitive publishing model for its 275 content owners — independent of IT.

"Employee engagement is our number one priority and OrchestraCMS helps us achieve that. People really feel part of a global entity. It's made Salesforce come to life for us." - Philip Martucci, Global Intranet Project Lead

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