OrchestraCMS Customer Success Story Super Regional Bank

Australia's Super Regional Bank

A Smart Investment for a Super Bank

Banks globally are increasingly exploring alternatives to engage with customers and provide a differentiated and personalised experiences through numerous digita onlinel channels.

One Australian bank is leading the way with Salesforce and Stantive’s OrchestraCMS, providing a scalable and flexible platform for the rapid delivery of digital experiences of new websites and for both its employees and corporate client digital experiences. 


"We started out on this journey with Stantive to improve the user experience around our research and now five years later OrchestraCMS has become a valuable platform for marketing, collaboration and sales." - Head of Platform Customer Solutions


Just five years ago, this super bank was struggling to digitise the delivery of its institutional economics and research material. There was no central process for publication and distribution of which was being emailed to corporate investor clients as PDFs. It was inefficient, non-compliant and a poor experience for customers across all continents.

A project was initiated to propel the business into the digital age but was quickly stalled as time and money were poured into an on-premise solution. With only 40% of the budget remaining, it was important to look for a scalable cloud solution to help this super regional bank digitize and enhance their customer experience. 


With OrchestraCMS, this super bank has completely transformed the way it delivers its institutional research, replacing PDFs with targeted digital content delivered to more 10,000 users across over 60 countries with real time notifications. Serving up personalized content based on user data and preferences meant they were able to enhance the customer experience, while driving efficiency and meeting regulatory compliance across multiple countries.


  • OrchestraCMS provided a quick and cost effective solution for the bank to digitise the delivery of its research and increase productivity
  • OrchestraCMS has enabled the rapid delivery of other digital channels in response to changing business demand
  • The total cost of ownership for new sites within the bank has come down 1800% in recent years
  • Enhanced customer experience connecting over 16,000 employees, 12,000 investors across 60 countries
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