OrchestraCMS Customer Success Story Les Mills

Fieldpoint Private Bank

Digitizing the Banking Experience to Build Loyalty and Engagement

Back in 2006 and 2007 a group of friends and former colleagues began comparing notes about the quality of advice they were receiving from their financial services providers. All had complex financial pictures and were thinking actively about their financial lives and the long-term stewardship of all they had earned.

Soon, what started as conversations among a group of people with no intention of founding a wealth management firm led to the realization that the kind of firm they were looking for simply did not exist. So they decided to build it.

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"Using OrchestraCMS, we've been able to create an exceptional customer experience that's on par with what's offered by institutions spending millions more on technology... It helps us differientiate ourselves and ensure customer loyalty." - Michael White, Chief Marketing Officer


Fieldpoint Private opened its doors just as the 2008 financial crisis was unfolding. When it came to building out its IT infrastructure, the founders knew they needed to keep costs under control. They also wanted to invest in technologies that would support collaboration around client needs. Cloud-based platforms like Salesforce and OrchestraCMS proved ideal, helping the firm manage its costs and giving it flexibility to scale.


Personalisation was a key goal but the firm also needed a way to service clients more efficiently. The solution? A new website, customer portal and intranet built on Stantive Technologies Group’s OrchestraCMS - the only digital experience platform built 100% native on Salesforce.

The customer portal and social intranet integrate a number of services and applications, from social feeds through to banking and investment apps. Customers can log on to complete a transaction or update their account details. Any changes made within the portal are updated automatically in Salesforce. This means there’s just one touch of the data and no re-keying.

Employees and advisors connect via the intranet to collaborate on customer portfolios and manage support cases. As OrchestraCMS is 100% native on the Salesforce platform, Salesforce workflows and approvals are built right-in, maximizing efficiency.


  • OrchestraCMS powered sites streamline access to a number of services, from social feeds to banking apps
  • Customers benefit from a single, unified experience and the ability to self-service
  • Employees and advisors can better collaborate around customer needs in real-time
  • The solution has supported Fieldpoint Private to massively grow its business while keeping a tight reign on IT costs
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