OrchestraCMS Customer Success Story Diabetes Victoria

Diabetes Victoria

Charity Sets New Digital Experience for Stakeholders

Since 1953 Diabetes Victoria has been the leading charity and peak consumer body working to reduce the impact of diabetes.

They are committed to minimizing the impact of diabetes in their community, helping all people affected by diabetes and contributing to the search for a cure. Their work covers type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, as well as programs for people at risk. They rely heavily on the generosity of community of members and supporters to help fund their diabetes education, awareness activities and research. 

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"We wanted to set a new standard in the way charities engage digitally with their stakeholders and we've acheived that." - Lalith Abeysena, Chief Operating Officer



With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Diabetes Victoria has doubled their online membership to 40,000 in the last three years. They aim to have 150,000 active website users in the next five years - half of all registrants in the state diagnosed with diabetes. 

Primary interaction with members, registrants and supporters is online but their website was fragmented and information was difficult to find. Diabetes Victoria wanted to make it easy for users to access services and take positive action in preventing and reducing the impact of diabetes.


With Salesforce and OrchestraCMS, Diabetes Victoria’s website can now authenticate users and deliver targeted, personal online experiences. OrchestraCMS uses a members’ Salesforce profile and the Product Catalogue to serve content, products, services and education based on their language (8 total), diabetes diagnosis and member type. 

Data Colada has integrated OrchestraCMS and BigCommerce eCommerce and Commonwealth Bank payment gateway to create a friction-free purchasing experience for Diabetes Victoria members. 


  • More funds for research and education - with back office operations natively integrated with its online community powered by OrchestraCMS
  • An enhanced experience for donors - with a responsive website that interacts with subscribers at every login, remembering their diagnosis, language, level of discount for online purchases, previous activity with health and education programs 
  • Online transactions and clothing donations have increased dramatically since installing OrchestraCMS in late 2015


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