OrchestraCMS Customer Success Story AstraZeneca


Global Collaboration Made Easy for 65,000 Employees Across 30 Countries

AstraZeneca is a global biopharmaceutical firm and spans the entire value chain of medicine from discovery, early- and late-stage development to manufacturing and distribution, and commercialization. One of the pillars of its success is to attract great people and provide a vibrant, collaborative work environment. This is no small challenge with AstraZeneca employing more than 65,000 people globally. 

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"Employee Engagement is our number one priority and OrchestraCMS helps us achieve that. People really feel part of a global entity... It's made Salesforce come to life for us." - Phillip Martucci, Global Intranet Project Lead, Corporate Affairs



AstraZeneca wanted a new corporate intranet that would empower its global workforce to collaborate and share information across any device. AstraZeneca’s existing intranet was: 

  • Fragmented with different portals for different teams and countries
  • Content was difficult to publish, find and often out of date
  • Not mobile friendly or socially enabled


Powered by OrchestraCMS, AstraZeneca’s “Nucleus” is where employees from across the globe come together to share content and collaborate more socially. Employees now access a single intranet, from any device, where content is targeted, dynamic and personal. Instead of separate portals for each language, content is served in ten languages, driven by the profile preferences set up by users. 

Nucleus is an intranet but functions more like a news site or social media outlet with frequent updates and with OrchestraCMS enabled Chatter, employees can like, share or comment on articles. Nucleus also has 275 content contributors who create, manage and publish content independently of IT. 


  • An engaged employee community that serves 65,000 employees in 10 different languages
  • A mobile-first design that allows users to subscribe and manage content preferences
  • Employees like, comment and share with Salesforce Chatter enabled content
  • Salesforce Workflows provide 275 content contributors to publish approved content independently of IT


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